Discover the Power of BMW Connected+

August 15th, 2017 by

As BMW celebrates Innovation Days 2017, we'd like to highlight one of the company's technological marvels that's helping to make everyday driving more convenient. Today we're talking about BMW Connected+, the digital link between your smartphone and your vehicle that delivers next level smartphone integration and personalization.

Not only does Connected+ make it easier to access and control to the contents of your smartphone, but it also offers services that allow you to make the most of the available technology:

Send My Routes to Car is the next stage in route planning with your Once you've set your destination, BMW Connected+ will check to make sure that your vehicle has enough fuel for the journey. If not, BMW Connected+ will suggest possible fuel stops; after one (or more) are selected and added to your route, the route is transferred to the vehicle and scheduled stops are displayed.
Share Live Trip Status to inform family, friends and business contacts as to your current location and time of arrival. This function works when you send an SMS link to people; once they click the link, your current position is displayed on a map along with an estimated arrival time that considers real-time traffic. Now you can focus on arriving safely and without disturbance.
Navigate Door-to-Door. Sometimes you'll need to park some distance away from your final destination (sporting events, concerts, etc.). This feature provides on-foot directions after you've parked, and will give you a return route when you're ready to go back to your vehicle.
My Destinations works by accessing contact information in your address book or recently visited destinations that are stored in the nav system. Choosing your next destination is as simple as choosing a contact and picking an address.

BMW Connected+ allows you to convert your car into your personalized control center.

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Source: Baron BMW Blog